eHost Coupon Code : 5 Steps Guide To Get 70% Discount!

Hosting Company : eHost


Today’s Offer : 70% Discount

eHost hosts over 1 MILLION sites. You get a FREE Domain Name whenever you buy hosting from eHost and you can host unlimited domains in a single hosting account.Okay…….there are so many reasons to buy hosting services from eHost.

Now, once you have decided to buy eHost hosting account, you want to land at eHost website and check the cost of their hosting account and OFFERS (This is important. Who wants to burn pocket!). Yeah, its just for $2.75 per month (50% DISCOUNT !). Let’s grab it. No…wait….lets try to find some eHost coupon or promo code and check if we can get the eHost discount more than 50%.

If you don’t find any eHost coupon code or promo code that offers more than 50% or 60% discount…don’t worry. I will show you how to get  70% (Yes I Promise) discount on any eHost hosting account purchase without using any coupon code.

How to Find a eHost Coupon Code to Get 70% Discount

There is no need to search for eHost coupon code or promo code and waste your time….just follow the below steps to know the trick to get a MASSIVE 70% OFF.

Get 70% Discount on

Step 1 : Go to

Step 2 : You will see a 50% discount offer, don’t worry…click on ‘Get Started Now

ehost coupon code

Step 3: Next, it will ask to choose a New Domain Name (You get a FREE domain name with every eHost hosting account)…put your domain name in the box and check the availability. Or you can click on the ‘I already Own a Domain’ if you have already purchased a domain name and click on continue to go to the next step.

ehost coupon code

Step 4: Now you have to create an account with eHost. Fill all the boxes with required information and click on ‘continue’.

Step 5 : Now on this page, you can check the eHost discount …it’s 50%…but our target is to get 70%. Lets open the secret.

There are two ways to get 70% discount. As promised earlier, I will not give you any eHost coupon code to get 70% OFF because in the whole process of purchasing a eHost hosting account, there is no place to put a coupon code or promo code to get  discount. It’s just a trick to get the discount without using any coupon code or promo code.

Now check the browser where you have opened the eHost website. Have you got a pop-up box (check below screenshot) that’s offering you 60% Discount ? …Yes….just click on ‘Start Building’ and wait (don’t purchase now).

If you don’t get the pop-up box, just refresh the page and check or try to close the browser…the pop-up will definitely appear.

ehost coupon code’s just 60% …don’t buy now. Just click on the ‘Start Building’ and wait.  I’ll get you 70% discount.

After few seconds, another pop-up will appear which offers 70% discount…..if it doesn’t appear, just refresh the page again or try to close the browser…it will definitely appear………… is your 70% discount. Just click on the ‘Start Building’ and complete the purchase.

ehost coupon code

So, with these simple 5 steps, you can get a maximum 70% discount on purchasing any eHost hosting services without applying any coupon or promo code.

eHost Hosting Features :

eHost offers super cheap web hosting and their hosting is super rich in features. You can host unlimited domain in a single eHost hosting account, get a free domain name, get email address at your domain name and many more. Here I have listed few of the features of eHost hosting –

  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Email Address
  • Unmetered Storage Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Drag & Drop Site Builders
  • cPanel
  • Free Website Builder
  • 45 day Money Back Guarantee
  • $100 Credit for Yahoo!/Bing paid Ads
  • Free 1 GB Cloud Storage Account
  • 24*7 Support and many more

eHost Support :

eHost offers 24*7 customer support. They have a Knowledge-base which includes step by step tutorials. You can search the Knowledge-base even before contacting their Customer Care. You can contact eHost Customer Care through-

Chat (available 24/7)
Call (877-880-0076)
Email ([email protected])